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What They Say About Her...



"Jeanie Cunningham is one of the most soulful singers on the scene today.

She not only projects the emotional heart of a song... she inhabits its soul."





---Bernard Baur, Music Connection Magazine


"...it’s about time the rest of the world meets her..."















Dayna Steele

Award winning radio personality, entrepreneur and author of "Rock To The Top:  What I Learned About Success From The World’s Greatest Rock Stars"





"Jeanie Cunningham is one of the most
powerful singer/songwriters I have ever heard. 
Her music has moved me for years
and it’s about time the rest of the world meets her
…and hears her!"




"...my heart smiles wide"





"When I hear Jeanie sing,
my heart smiles wide
and my soul recognizes
the sincerity of & strength of her spirit". 

Roach Carruthers, Cafe R&B







"Jeanie Cuningham is a singer songwriter of great sensitivity and moving originality. Graceful and moving. Get her now.”




Greg Proops:
World renowned comedian from
"Whose Line Is It Anyway", "Politically Incorrect",
"Wayne Brady Show", "Hollywood Squares",
"Drew Carey Show", and "Late Late Show".


"Get her now!”





"...amazing, talented and gifted..."


Bernadette Cooper:

Platinum Recording Artist, Leader of the band "KLYMAXX",
with mega-hits such as  
"Meeting In The Ladies Room", "I Miss You" & "The Men All Pause".


"Jeanie is one of the most amazing, talented and gifted songwriters and melody writers that the world has seen in a very long time..." 












".. she's an exquisite human being and one of my heroes!"  



"Jeanie is a Renaissance woman.  

Not only is she a wonderfully versatile singer (from powerful and funky, to beautiful, soft airy vocals) but she's a great songwriter and masterful hook-writer as well.  
She's also an extraordinarily gifted producer, writer, director, editor and on-camera personality as can be seen on her Composers Corner series.  
Besides ALL that... she's an exquisite human being and one of my heroes!"  





Lauren Wood

Platinum recording artist, composer/performer of smash single, "Fallen" from the movie "Pretty Woman"






"She's gifted beyond expression."


Host "MOBY in the Morning
network radio show"



"In my almost 4 decades in the entertainment/radio business, I've seldom encountered a performer that truly had it all.

She's gifted beyond expression.
And the beauty that is Jeanie is for the eye, ear, and for the soul.
She's simply a very beautiful and talented person.

So why is she not an international celebrity?

She will be, and she's patient."






"My clients love her.  I love working with her."



"From 'Respighi to Rock', never, ever, have I worked with a composer, lyricist, singer, performer, producer, or talent who is such a genius.

I firmly believe we should change the spelling to 'Jeanius.'  Jeanie can, (and does), write anything, in any style--often with lyrics that are absolutely impossible. Only she could find a way to rhyme a word such as 'vegetarian'--or make a corporate song sound like a top-forty hit, then turn  around and write a Civil War musical.

My clients love her.  I love working with her.  And all of us are continually astounded by her seemingly endless talents, both on-stage and as a composer/lyricist."



Diana S. Zimmerman

President and CEO,
CMS Communications, Intl.





"She’s so good at so many things."


Harriet Schock

[Platinum/Gold Songwriter/
Recording artist/Author/Film Scorer




"Jeanie Cunningham is so versatile, it’s hard to pin her down regarding what she does best.

She’s so good at so many things. But in her heart of hearts, she’s a singer-songwriter.

And those of us lucky enough to know her work, love her for her honesty and musicality. On the lips of all her admirers, 'What will she come out with next?'"






"[Jeanie is]...the Joan Rivers of pop!"  




Roger Day
"The Roger Day Show", BBC Radio




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