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1:oil & water
2: dirty little minds
3: to the ends of the earth
4: missing You  
5: viva la difference
6: you made me believe
7: your eyes
8: no one's goin' lonely
9: can't let go
10: I believe
11: wounded heart
12: I do ya did it's done
13: nature's cry
14: we will remember  
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1: why did you make me this way [full]  
2: come as you are to the father [full]  
3: temptation [full]  
4: michael's gallery  
5: so many lessons, so little time  
6: I am your father  
7: cover me lord~I'm goin' in  
8: 7x70  
9: all that's right with the world  
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1: thief in the night [full]  
2: when will it be right?  
3: reason-4-livin' [full]  
4: lady ayn  
5: nature's cry  
6: funny things  
7: I do, ya did, it's done  
8: little bit [full]  
9: enuff-2-make the angels cry  
10: kite in the midnight sky  
11: think love first  
12: the train  
13: wander away  
ISS Records-Germany release, containing most of of the same songs as "Between the Lines" with the addition of two new songs and remastered. Only on cd.
Editorial Reviews

Product Description
The German release/remix of Carbide Records' release 'Between the Lines' featuring the hit singles: "Reason-4-Livin'". "When Will It Be Right" and "Thief in the Night".
"Cerebral Soul" and "Poetic R&B" have been some of the reviewers' reactions to this eclectic blend of Pop/R&B music.



1: thief in the night (original)  
2: when will it be right  
3: thief in the night (unplugged)
The hit single "Thief In the Night", with remix and acoustic versions,and 1 additional song from the "Thief In The Night" album. Limited qty. available.

1: reason-4-livin'  
2: funny things    
3: I do, ya did, it's done    
4: the train    
5: little bit  
6: when will it be right?    
7: nature's cry    
8: enuff-2-make the angels cry    
9: kite in the midnight sky    
10: lady ayn    
11: think love first  
Carbide Records release, containing the hit single, "Reason-4-Livin''. Available on cassette & cd.

1: enuff-2-make the angels cry    
2: dirty little minds    
3: kite in the midnight sky    
4: jamie's harley  
5: lady ayn    
6: the dominatrix
   (slipping down the slide)
JaeCie's first album with the JaeCie Band Available only on cassette. Purchase at CAYAGallery.com
[The albums "Point of You" and "Round Deux" are currently not available]


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