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At the age of 8, Jeanie (JaeCie) Cunningham composed her first song, strumming the tune on a homemade cardboard and rubber-band guitar. She hasn't stopped making music since. Born in Los Angeles and raised in a military family, Jeanie bounced from city to city as a child. Her pursuit of a musical career took a front seat when, while attending boarding school in Switzerland, a teenage Jeanie skipped classes to see Tina Turner perform in concert.

"The night I saw Tina Turner, it was like a burning bush from God," she says. "I knew I had to meet her." Jeanie not only met Ms. Turner, but Tina's performance of one of Jeanie's songs, "I Can Take A Little Bit of Pain" on "The Tonight Show", earned the newcomer her professional songwriting credentials.

After an international tour with the all-girl band, "The Cherries", Jeanie began building her own recording studio , "Resnik-One", in Los Angeles.

Between road tours as a guitarist with Lionel Richie's band, and as an opening act for David Crosby, Jeanie continued to hone her skills as a songwriter, including writing for high profile international corporations. Mitsubishi, Epson, Toshiba, Chevron, Yamaha, and Tupperware are among the many companies who've utilized Jeanie's original works.

Her pursuits as a solo artist have taken her around the world, from Beijing to Cairo, as well as performing with her band, "JaeCie" in Europe and the U.S.


Jeanie's latest project: "Jeanie C: Phoenix...Rising", combining the talents of Jurgen Koppers and Les Hurdle as producers. Described as a "happy collision between Sheryl Crow and Anastacia", by one L.A. disc jockey, "Phoenix...Rising" shows off Jeanie's skills as a vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter.

A licensed pilot, Jeanie flies the skies herself in her Piper Cherokee 180, as well as logging time in helicopters such as the Hughes 300, and the Bell Jetranger 206B.

On the ground, she enjoys golfing and spending time with her dogs, "Oscar" and "Xena".

She is also a mentor, ("tormentor" as she politely puts it), to four young men by the names of Peter, Pablo, Bryan and Jonathon, who share her passions for flying, animals, music, and high speed amusement park rides.


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